Surprising IRS Statistics on Tax Filing Through the Internet

The IRS tax statistics on filing have changed over the years. More people are filing their taxes from home using the free filing options. The grand total so far is that almost 19 million taxpayers have filed from home using computer tax software or free file (and e-file). That total brings the total amount of all taxpayers using computers to an all time high and a 6% increase compared to last year at this time of tax season!The IRS statistics show that between 2010 and 2011, (last year and this year’s tax filing season) the number of people who self prepared their taxes using computer software or internet forms that were e-filed increased from a total of 17,826,000 taxpayers for the year of 2010 (2009 tax return) to 18,885,000 taxpayers for the year of 2011 (for the 2010 tax return year). This was a 5.9% increase (rounded up to 6%) just for last year and this year alone! It seems that filing your IRS tax return from home on the computer with internet use is becoming the new trend as tax preparers and professionals are at a decline of -0.2% (out of roughly 28 million people who use a professional tax company or person).Everyone can file for free using the Free File to do their tax returns and e-file. The goal is to start using this service to make tax returns easier, faster, more secure, and paper free for everyone. Even taxpayers who make moderate to wealthy incomes can use the e-file to file taxes, which is free when using a tax program online.Being in the third year for free fillable forms, remember that these forms do not include question and answer format. These fillable forms are the same as completing a 1040, but they are online versions of it for faster tax return results. The free fillable forms do not support state tax income return forms so you would need to get separate forms for filing your state tax returns.The IRS has also reported that the total amount of tax returns that filed with the e-file option (including online computer use of the 19 million) is a grand total of 46.9 million. Thanks to the internet and computer tax software, many people are filing taxes online because it is safer, quicker, and easier than ever before. Soon, the trend with IRS tax filing will to become completely paperless and technologized through computer or cell phone apps for all taxpayers.

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